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Did Elon Musk Just Make the full Case for a Green New contract?

Did Elon Musk Just Make the full Case for a Green New contract?

At Tesla’s Battery Day occasion, the claim that is biggest had been amongst the lines

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That they will build a $25,000, fully autonomous electric car in three years; that a higher-powered version of the Model S called “Plaid” that can do 0 to 60 mph in under two seconds is now available to order for $139,990; and that the plan is to eventually scale up production to 20 million cars a year (in 2019 they delivered just 367,500) if you read anything about Tesla’s Battery Day event, which was held Tuesday afternoon outside the company’s factory in Fremont, California, it will probably be one of three bold claims from Elon Musk:.

All of that, reported by users, had been screen dressing. Shiny material to help keep the in-person investors and online fanboys happy since the big unveil analysts expected — a million-mile EV battery — would not quite materialize. But Musk delivered one thing far more consequential.

As he first came onstage within a shareholder conference, which arrived before the Battery Day presentation in a three-hour livestream, Musk stated the big event felt just like a drive-in cinema, plus it certainly seemed in that way; due to the pandemic, investors who attended had been sitting in Model 3s right in front of a backyard phase. But viewing it in the home, i acquired the impression I became viewing a political stump message, also a type of State of this Union — Musk had been often obligated to pause as investors honked the horns of the electric vehicles instead of standing ovations. Continue reading »