[Music] hey guys welcome to my channel I’m JLo chorion author of the book pretty and educated this book is about my college journey my tips everything that I’ve learned dating the admissions process dorm rooms living on campus living off campus it just talks about a lot in this book I’m going to have the link in the description box where you can buy this ins on Barnes & Noble and my website but I want to make this video I am a college senior hub right it’s our senior year such an exciting time and in one of my classes we have to create a portfolio and this portfolio is just everything that we’ve done in our college time that we’ve been here it has our personal statement professional goals academic and personal information a cover letter resume writing sample problem-solving example work sample professional memberships honors and awards transcripts let your letters of recommendations so it just has everything in here that’s supposed to have us prepare to apply to a job but before you even get to that point you have to write an essay to get into the college that you want again so I thought how to make this video and talk about you know what I did to get into the colleges that I went to and read you my actual letter of my essay or my interest letter to the colleges that I went to but this letter was used for my acceptance into fi T this is what I wrote and basically how I feel about writing your essay supposed to be about you it’s supposed to be braggy you’re supposed to brag about all your accomplishments everything that you have done you want them to remember you and you won’t be able to be excited about what you have going you’re like you want that school to be like yes pick her we want her to go to our school so this was a letter I wrote to get into the Fashion Institute of Technology that I went to for one year and I got my advertising marketing Communications degree and yeah this is actually a pretty competitive school to get into because so many people are trying to get in and also it’s other schools that were trying to get in not just my school so I was doing a program at high school and it was other schools people trying to get into the college so I want to make one really good with this I got the head of my department to read over it and make errors you know that I made I also have my mom to look over it I had multiple people look over it and I’m like what do I need to add is it good too bad so here we go I’m reading it at the age of 13 I fell in love with the world of fashion my first glimpse of fashion was through television and magazines and ultimately the world wide web through the internet I could remove myself from my small town and see the world and what it had to offer I knew then that if I want to be a part of the fashion industry I need to move to New York City being a southern girl from North Carolina I was raised by a registered nurse mom and a robbery detective dad enter in my high school freshman year with a passion for more creative things in life did not go well with my traditional parents the school system offered wonderful programs for students desiring medical engineering and careers in drama but nothing for aspiring fashion guru instead of just taking any type of courses I took electives that would count towards receiving my cosmetology license I learned a lot through the cosmetology program but I knew that was not where I was supposed to be encouragement came from knowing that in the fashion industry this certification would benefit me one day though I tried I never swayed from my true passion I was only drawn in closer at the age of 14 I found myself a secret world YouTube after months of watching others I was able to transform a soft-spoken country girl into glamour Hall at 54 no one knew about my secret place not my friends or my family it wasn’t two a year later my mom found my YouTube fashion videos on the computer I was afraid of her reaction but she was actually proud of me then she realized that I had found my passion and she was willing to help me succeed the summer of my junior year should allow me attend the summer program through Li M fashion education department in Manhattan New York my parents felt that this would allow me the opportunity to see in fashion was something I really want to pursue that opportunity confirmed to me what I already knew there I learn more about all the amazing opportunities that were available within the fashion industry I was able to explore fashion forecasting visual merchandising public relations fashion design and many more related paths at the end of my time in New York I was sure I want to be a fashion buyer the fashion student technology has always been my ideal destination institution for exceptional fashion learning my senior year I start the application process but stopped in fear of not being accepted instead I chose to attend a college that offered going to fi T the junior year of their four-year course sequence while under second a degree focusing in fashion merchandising I have been determined to maintain above average GPA and to be involved in as many campus activities as much as possible I had one more shot at going to the school our dreams and I wasn’t going to mess it up this time since then I have maintained a 3.5 GPA been elected twice as Miss human ecology as representation for the fashion department club 2013 through 2015 been a sister within the application Alpha Sorority Incorporated and expanded my youtube channel Glenn Mahalo 54 that addresses hair fashion and makeup on my channel I’ve worked with online fashion sites such as JustFab shoe dazzle Lulu she inside a my club wear and David’s Bridal this time I have over 350,000 followers with 20 million views having a fashion sense is only a stepping stone in the industry I believe I’m currently building on the foundations of the fashion industry may 2016 obtain my associates degree in advertising marketing communications from fi team that gave me more of a competitive edge to become successful in the fashion industry it was important to me that I attended one of the best fashion schools in the heart of New York City Nayla senior college I’m finishing my last year of undergraduate I believe I’m very prepared to go into the fashion industry and be successful my plan is to be an entrepreneur newer and start my own business that are fashion related once I have that successful and going I plan to settle down in my final career as a professor teaching social media I believe I would have gained a lot of knowledge by this time and have a lot of things to share to others on how to be successful so that is my personal statement the endings I do tweet so when I was applying to MIT I tweaked it a little to say you know how much I really wanted to go to MIT and obtain my degree when I was applying to grad school because I did apply to grad school I still don’t know if I’m going to grad school but I applied just like to have the options i tweeted um if I am going if I am if I do decide to go to grad school I’ll be going for a digital social media or mobile marketing um so of course that end was tweaked and I just talked a little bit more about social media and my presence on social media so that is my personal statement and you want a essay that nobody else could put their name on like you know I talked a lot about myself a lot about what I’ve done what I want to do in life where I want to go so nobody else could this wouldn’t apply to someone else I mean of course they could put their name on it but it wouldn’t really be true to themselves this is all about me and that’s what you you want your personality you want who you are to shine through on your essay we have to pick a job on LinkedIn that is current that we would want to apply to them so the job that I picked was social media manager for Charlotte Russe they posted this 14 14 days ago and this is in the San Francisco Bay Area so this is something that I would want to do if I was to get a job after college I would definitely want to go into the field of social media management or brand management it’s just what I really like so I also had to create a PowerPoint and we are presenting why we think we’re good for this job position so our teacher is prepping us for the actual job interviews that we’re going to be going on and I feel like this is very beneficial because some people have already presented and I just feel like some people don’t really know what to say or they get nerve and they don’t know why they want a job as kind of looks like yeah I’m a college graduate and I want this job because I want this job you know versus going up there and saying I have this and I did this I get that I have this presence so basically if I was applying to this job they want you to have three or four years in social media boom I got that and then they want seven years in the industry as far as work experience I don’t have that however I would rely solely on my numbers what I know in the industry as far as social media and I definitely rely heavily on Who I am in my brand existing and how I could apply what I know with social media to Charlotte Russe so I gave you guys essay and now I’m giving you guys if you are at the point of actually applying for a job let me so in my cover letter for Charlotte Russe I actually wrote a cover letter and I’m thinking about actually submitting this application I’m kind of scared my teachers like yeah Joey you should totally submit your application to work for Charlotte Russe but I don’t know yeah anyway so I’m going to read you my cover letter so my cover letter basically says dear blah blah blah I’m applying for the social media manager position at Charlotte Russe I saw a posting on LinkedIn for this job position I’m a young millennial that grew up shopping and Charlotte Russe now was a college graduate with education advertising marketing I want to work with a company I love I like that Charlotte Russe is a trendy but affordable clothing company for young adults I want to bring my drive and creativity to the company to create social media campaigns you need someone a part of your team that just didn’t go to school for advertising marketing but also well knowledgeable of born changes of social media I’ve created my own brand on social media have grew a large audience I have the knowledge of social media measurements and publishing tools that could get even more awareness for charlatans in the social media world being on social media created a voice that speaks to groups of all sizes and can duplicate interaction with Charlotte Russe on their social media I’m someone that has a lot of ideas and creativity to bring to the team I do well with bouncing ideas off of other people to create concepts I’m very passionate about social media so this is something that is not only a job for me but fun my contact email is bah-bah-bah and my phone number is follow the rock thanks for taking the time to look over my application I look forward to speaking to you about the position and how I can contribute to Charlotte Russe so that is my cover letter I also have my resume that has my work history you know what I’ve done in social media my education my GPA constant on G license the places that I’ve worked I worked at a restaurant as a host when I was younger I also work at a beauty supply store I also put down my book as a publication and I have some awards written down as well so that’s just a little bit of my portfolio that I want to share with you guys and I hope it’s beneficial for your application process to a college or even for you applying to a job by seeing what I’m doing I know a lot of you guys some people may not be going into the fashion industry but I just hope that it was helpful of me reading to you you know what I have going on and how I represent myself on paper so yeah that’s a little bit of my professional portfolio I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys want another series onto this leave it down in the comment section of what you want to know maybe like my personal goals in life or something else college related that you want me to talk about and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye guys