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Ultimately, GBA emulators for Android are many, but only a few are really worth it. If you want to avoid the long configuration associated with RetroArch , then MyBoy! GBA.emu is another great alternative, especially because it offers all its features for free.

Gba Emulator For Android

In his spare time he prefers going to the gym, play computer games, watching anime from the 90s and just relaxing in silence. It is one of the first major GBA emulators to come out back when Game Boy emulation was still new to Android. Another popular GBA emulator available on the Google Play Store, My Boy is compatible with tons of GBA ROMs and is downloaded by hundreds of thousands of players around the world. Please note that I only tested the free versions of these GBA emulators.

By explicitly telling the emulator to read it as a specific type using a file luigi’s mansion emulator download called vba-over.ini, VBA complies. VBA-M includes this config file by default, but older revisions like VBA 1.7.2 and VBALink do not. For GBA, there is, which simulates the color profile of a GBA screen under an external light source more accurately than VBA-M or No$GBA color options. If you prefer the darker color options that those emulators have, then use instead. The old emulator altogether, and settle for other options like mGBA or VBA-M.

  • It’s a trivial amount of money considering how long I play for each month and I like to support such projects.
  • If they just want to get their MMO fix, there are dozens of modern MMOs that are free to play.
  • I’ve been playing on private WoW servers for years and I’ve always made a donation to them generally to the tune of whatever a subscription to the retail version would be.
  • If you’re playing a 14 year old game on a private server, you’re doing it because that’s the version of the game you want to play.


All of them support the same SRAM save data the cartridge uses. If there are any GBA emulators for Android that you’re particularly fond of, feel free to mention them down in the comments. We do ask, however, that you not use the comments as a means to exchange illegal ROMs or links to illegal ROMs.

It is based on the open source Gameboid emulator and has a fairly large following. While it is quite reliable, some of the other features that are quite common on these emulators, such as speed controls and a cheat menu are missing. Marcus Eriksson is the founder of Private Proxy Guide and he has a strong passion for everything related to privacy on the Internet.

With that aside, though, we look forward to hearing your experiences with GBA emulation. This is another no-frill (but also, no-cost) GBA emulator. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of the others, but it does allow you save the game at any point.