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The company was founded back in 1991 in Clearwater, Florida and currently features 8 corporate offices around the globe. TotalAV packs a useful program into a pretty package, but you’ll need to strongly consider whether it holds value after the year 1 discount. The 1st-year price software downloads freeware is competitive, easily matching some of the top names in the industry, while providing almost equivalent security features and then some. However, the autorenewal price is well above what you’ll pay from competitors.

Indeed, if you’re currently using Windows without any third-party security software, you can actually expect things to feel faster after you install a new suite. That’s because the built-in Windows Defender antivirus component slows down your system to a greater degree than most good commercial alternatives. Specialised anti-ransomware measures have recently become popular, too. These tools stop any unrecognised application from accessing your personal files – ensuring you’re safe even from brand-new, unrecognised threats that manage to sneak past your regular defences. Webcam protection is another popular tool, ensuring that no app can surreptitiously use your webcam to spy on you.

Thankfully, antivirus programs today are much cheaper than they were before and many – like the ones below – are often available at rock-bottom discounted prices for a limited time. As ever, there’s no telling where the next outbreak will come from, or what form it will take.

Again, like we said before, "free" always comes at a price today. Another service that distinguishes Norton 360 from other antivirus programs is a full-featured VPN with access to 31 servers worldwide.

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You know what they say about prevention being better than cure. Luckily, we’ve asked these questions for you and made a list of top antiviruses you can browse through.

After installing it, simply let it do its job in the background while you carry on with your day-to-day tasks. While Avast doesn’t pester you with pop-ads, it does prompt you to purchase its products.

It does not allow any suspicious applications to download automatically and it checks app and driver digital signatures as well as network encryption. VIPRE is one of the leading providers of Internet security software designed for both home users and solution providers and businesses.

  • The shortcut for reverse image searches can’t be found in the "Gallery" tab of the Shortcuts app, so you’ll need to install it from elsewhere.
  • Out of the eight options available, I suggest using Google or TinEye .
  • Those are the more general English-language reverse image search engines, but feel free to try them all.
  • Once you select an image, you’ll be prompted to choose which reverse image search engine to use.

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We’ve described all the antivirus products in detail, including the different features, price plans, as well as performance rates as measured by independent tests. No matter your age, occupation or where you live, everybody who uses a PC also needs an antivirus program installed on the operating system at all times. There are, however, a vast number of antivirus products out there you can buy, and it’s not easy to pick one that’s good for you personally. One of its particularly useful features is the Vulnerability Scanner, which provides automatic notifications in case any security updates are missing or you are connecting to an insecure network.